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Four-property Mgmt Company Centralizes Financials for Greater Operating Efficiency

Horizon Hospitality Management has implemented the Aptech Profitvue enterprise back office solution to streamline accounting processes across its multiple branded properties. 
Horizon Hospitality now utilizes Profitvue to perform financial rollups for its Hampton Inns, Homewood Suites, and Cambria Suites properties. Profitvue is an enterprise hotel accounting application that streamlines back office processes, performance management, and resource planning for multi-property hotel groups and individual operators.
“We wanted a centralized platform strategy for our multiple flags because it gives us control across our hotels to oversee their income audit, general ledger entries, and other accounting processes,” says John Hannan, chief operating officer for Horizon Hospitality.
“None of our properties is a ‘big-box format,’” says Hannan. “Accounts Receivable is done on-property via our PMS system, and our property managers also review audit data before it goes to corporate. Profitvue enables us to support this autonomy for the flags while rolling up all our financials into a single reporting platform for greater operating efficiency.”
Hospitality experience tipped the balance
According to Hannan, Aptech’s hospitality industry experience led to Horizon’s decision to implement Profitvue. “We spoke to several Aptech clients with multiple properties and flags and found that Profitvue works very well for them,” he says. “Operators consistently told us that Profitvue is easy to use and that Aptech provides excellent support. Another important factor was that Aptech understands the hotel business. Profitvue is not a canned one-size-fits-all-industries system adapted for hotels. Aptech’s team has considerable hotel experience and this cemented our decision.”
Horizon Hospitality, LLC (HH) is a hospitality company affiliated with Horizon Properties (HP), which develops hotels and office buildings and owns a golf club.  HH manages HP’s four existing props, with one under construction and scheduled to open in December.
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