Foster's Grille Sees Orders Surge after Launch of Online Ordering System

The 38-unit Foster's Grille, an award-winning made-to-order burger and salad concept in Haymarket, Va., has completed the installation of an online ordering system from ONOSYS.

ONOSYS is a robust online ordering tool that manages the details of Internet sales for restaurant companies large and small and adapts seamlessly to the particulars of any menu. Its vivid graphics and logical order flow simplify the customer experience, which ultimately helps boost ticket averages.

"This has increased our business to the point that we're saying, 'Why didn't we do this a long time ago?'" says Tom Palazzo, vice president of franchise development for Foster's Franchise Concepts. During a recent test at two of its stores, Palazzo found online order check averages were higher than those placed in stores. "Customers are trying different things, like our cookies and cakes, because they have the time to see the whole menu rather than feel rushed on the phone."

Palazzo notes that hamburger operators who don't adopt online ordering are not only depriving their stores of a great sales tool, they're serving customers ineffectively.

"They're missing a great service they could provide to their customer base," says Palazzo. "And if they're not doing it and their competition is, they're going to feel it."
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