Food Truck Finder App Launches

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

 A Portland, Maine-based tech company, FoodTrux has announced the launch of a fully interactive food truck finder app on Apple's App Store and Google's Google Play.

Using a smart phone or tablet, the FoodTrux app utilizes an intelligent user interface to personalize overall user experience when searching for and directly engaging with food trucks based upon geographic location, culinary cuisine, and user favorites. The FoodTrux app displays local food trucks on the app's map, providing turn-by-turn directions where users can view menus, prices, special promotions and regional events. On the vendor side of the app, food truck owners can post menu items, specials, prices, events, and current and future locations. 

With 90% of the public possessing a smartphone, and app usage rates increasing 35% in the last five years, consumers are driven by and demand functional smartphone applications designed to ease and enhance their daily lives. FoodTrux bridges the gap between consumer desire and food truck vendor location, placing real-time GPS enabled food truck access in the hands of food truck foodies everywhere. 

An Industry on the Move

The food truck industry has evolved into one of the best performing segments in the broader food-service sector, growing by nearly 20% in 2019. "The food sector today is becoming increasingly mobile, fragmented and on-demand," said Matt Noone, FoodTrux CEO. When asked what originally spawned the idea for the app, Noone said, "It stemmed from a craving for a taco after a hockey game with my son, resulting in an unrelenting, unsuccessful search for a food truck."

 As consumers seek to indulge in small conveniences such as affordable gourmet food, food trucks are primed to provide greater access to cuisine diversity in a safe and responsible environment via the FoodTrux app.  

Currently launching in Portland, Maine, and Denver, Colorado, FoodTrux will continue to rapidly role out new markets as food truck vendors register on the app. 

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