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Food Delivery App Foodler Adds Venmo Digital Wallet Option

Foodler, a rapidly growing delivery app that rewards user loyalty and offers recommendations down to the ingredient level, will now accept Venmo as a payment method, making the option of delivery more convenient. Venmo’s split purchase feature makes dividing the cost for work lunches or dinner with friends simple, allowing users to enjoy themselves without stressing over how to pay the bill.
When Foodler users finalize their order via the Foodler iOS or Android app, Venmo will now appear on the screen as a payment option. Selecting it will instantly connect users to the Venmo app with the tap of a button. Customers who utilize the simple and social payment method on the Foodler app won’t have to fuss with payment information, and they can also list the number of diners so that the bill is automatically and evenly split.
The addition of Venmo as a payment method continues Foodler’s commitment to cutting edge technology that offers customers an unparalleled delivery experience. Now boasting more than half a million active users and 100 employees across the country, Foodler offers consumers the chance to order from thousands of restaurants across many large metropolitan areas. Foodler’s app also offers a variety of unique perks like a rewards program that allows customers to earn Foodler points with each order they place. Those points can then be used as FoodlerBucks, which can be spent to reduce the price of future orders. Points can also be redeemed to purchase Foodler branded merchandise like cups and clothing.
Foodler also goes above and beyond other apps when it delivers ratings and recommendations, allowing customers to rate specific menu items all the way down to the ingredients they contain. These ratings then become a part of a user’s profile. Through its revolutionary algorithm, Foodler then tailors the customer’s ensuing recommendations based on their specific tastes. 
Backed by its commitment to innovation and customized service, Foodler continues to enter new markets and add restaurants to its lineup at a rapidly increasing rate, averaging more than 100 new restaurants each month.
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