FogHorn Monitors Worker Health & Improve Safety with Edge AI and Streaming Video Analytics

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

FogHorn, a developer of Edge AI software for industrial and commercial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions,  announced the availability of their Lightning Health & Safety Solutions to improve the safety of workplaces and help mitigate the spread of contagious illnesses.

Lightning Solutions, a new product line from FogHorn, are out-of-the-box packages of FogHorn’s Lightning Edge AI platform, preconfigured with use-case specific machine learning models and visualization dashboards. Out-of-the-box solutions allow organizations to rapidly deploy edge intelligence and AI and immediately derive insights to common problems.

The solution’s AI capabilities transform live streams from video cameras or other sensor-filled endpoints into highly automated real-time alerts and actionable insights. The solution seamlessly automates the entire process for health, safety, and hazard detection, ensuring the workforces’ well-being.

Improved Employee Safety

The risk to organizations expands beyond the immediacy of COVID-19. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration estimates that businesses pay almost $1 billion per week in direct workers’ compensation costs, which doesn’t include indirect costs, such as lost productivity, implementation of corrective measures or training replacement employees. With this hefty associated cost, organizations are seeking ways to proactively monitor their workforce for signs of illness and ensure safety and health standards are being followed.

Currently, health and safety monitoring has been a largely manual task and technology solutions address only specific use cases, such as temperature monitoring. But, the challenge for organizations to ensure workplace safety and reduce health risks requires an enterprise-wide solution that automates monitoring through video and other sensors and spans multiple use cases.

The FogHorn Lightning Health & Safety Solution suite includes solutions that can be used individually or together to create a comprehensive system. An enterprise edition of the solutions is also available that can include further customizations, data science and integrations with customer’s existing IT systems, video management software, and access control systems.

Solutions include:

  • Health Monitoring: elevated temperature detection, cough detection, hand washing monitoring, social distancing monitoring, and mask / facial covering detection
  • Safety Monitoring: personal protective equipment, including hard hats, footwear, eyewear, vests, and boots
  • Hazard Detection: custom solution engagements are also available including crane and falling debris warnings, leak detection and spill hazards.
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