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Focus POS Debuts Focus @Table Solution

Focus POS, a provider of restaurant management software, is excited to announce the Focus @Table solution. Focus @Table offers customers the ability to walk into a restaurant, sit down, order, and pay right at the table, all from the convenience and comfort of their mobile device. What sets @Table apart from the rest is that it does not close a tab until the customer selects the “checkout” button. 

Customers enter their payment information one time during their visit. After that, they can enter as many add-ons as they like, such as additional drinks or dessert, without entering their credit card information all over again with each additional item. Focus @Table keeps the tab open, automatically pre-authorizing the credit card every time another item is added to the bill. When the customer is ready to check out, they simply select “check out.”

Focus @Table simultaneously offers customers the ultimate in-house dining convenience while offering restaurateurs a surprisingly easy way to increase order sizes and decrease overhead expenditures.

“The restaurant industry is evolving faster than restaurateurs can keep up with,” said Mike Hamm, COO of Focus. “Our job at Focus is to provide restaurateurs with the tools they need not only to keep up but to succeed. Our @Table solution is just what restaurateurs need in 2021 as restaurant in-door dining doors slowly start to reopen.”

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