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FlyBuy Technologies Launches With More Than 50 Restaurants

FlyBuy, a mobile ordering platform that provides perfectly-timed curbside pickup, is now available to restaurants. It's a “virtual drive-thru” for customers. Using real-time predictive GPS data, FlyBuy enables restaurant employees to know when the customer is driving en route, nearby and arrived. The process allows for a quick step out to the curb just seconds before the customer passes by. With the order item prepared and already paid for, it is easy for restaurants to offer customers a quick, seamless handoff to the car's passengers.
The FlyBuy platform builds frequency and loyal customers. By giving each restaurant easier accessibility to their customers, managers increase repeat visits and improve off-premise sales. Perfectly-timed curbside pickup is the next wave in retail on-demand convenience, FlyBuy said.
“We are thrilled to offer our guests the easy and convenient solution that FlyBuy provides,” said Scott Hargrove, director of marketing & partnerships for Portland’s Garden Bar restaurants. “You won’t have to worry about parking at many of our urban locations. Just pull up to the curb and the order comes out to you!”
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