Flybuy Adds Face-to-Face Capability to Streamline the Drive-Thru

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants
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Savvy restaurants are placing employees in the drive-thru lanes with tablets to help with line busting. Unfortunately, loyalty and offer redemption is manual and difficult to process even when there is direct contact with the staff. With Flybuy Drive Thru’s Face-to-Face capability, loyalty information can automatically be transmitted to the employee’s tablet for easy processing with minimal effort.

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Flybuy Drive-Thru automatically identifies and sequences customers in the drive-thru lane. Brands leverage this data to prompt loyalty points, offer redemption, tailor menu items based on previous orders, activate contactless mobile payment, and overall personalize the entire customer experience. This technology connects the customer’s mobile device directly to the venue’s POS, drastically increasing the speed of service, simplifying the entire process.

Flybuy Drive-Thru can be leveraged for traditional drive-thru lanes, pickup windows, or “virtual” drive-thru lanes, which are becoming increasingly popular as restaurants shift their strategy to off-premise sales. 

Flybuy Drive-Thru leverages a fusion of mobile wireless technologies to understand more about their guests and create a frictionless drive-thru. When a customer arrives on premise or enters the drive-thru, Flybuy Drive-Thru automatically detects the customer’s mobile device and instantly allows the customer and staff to automate loyalty identification and offer redemption. This information is immediately transmitted to the venue’s existing systems to create a quick and frictionless experience for the customer and the employees as the order is placed and retrieved.


Flybuy has added a “Face to Face” feature in order to service those restaurants who have dedicated staff members in the drive-thru line taking orders on a tablet. Using our Flybuy Drive-Thru app, the tablet can identify the customer and prompt loyalty redemption, eliminating the need for any additional hardware.


Customers who order ahead and collect their order at the pick-up window are often faced with long wait times while staff scramble to find their order and get it to them quickly. This yields customer and staff frustration, resulting in a negative pickup experience. The Flybuy Platform can be leveraged to provide the staff with an accurate arrival time of the customer with location updates along their journey to the venue. When the customer has pulled onto property, the staff is alerted and can have their order ready for a prompt handoff in the pickup line. 


With Flybuy Drive-Thru’s customer identification, brands can customize the menu board for the exact customer in front of it. The welcome message, content, and specific items can be completely personalized based on who is viewing. Personalizing the off-premise journey boosts customer loyalty and keeps them coming back.


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