Fiserv, Bakkt Team Up On Crypto

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants
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Fiserv Inc. announced a strategic relationship with Bakkt, a digital asset platform that enables consumers to buy, sell, send and spend a range of digital assets. The combination of expansive capabilities from Fiserv, including the ability to move funds into and out of mobile wallets, with Bakkt’s digital asset platform will enable practical uses of crypto and emerging asset classes.

A future integration of Bakkt into the Carat omnichannel ecosystem from Fiserv will allow businesses to pursue new options for B2B and B2C payouts, loyalty programs, and transactions, all with crypto assets accessible via a digital asset wallet. Merchants will be able to deliver innovative consumer experiences through a simple integration to Carat and roll out new digital asset offerings that are right for their brand and customers.

Carat is a trusted solution for businesses, including fintechs, that want to access a broad range of commerce-enabling capabilities, such as the ability to accept and disburse funds, from a single provider, said Fiserv. Bakkt will be leveraging these capabilities while also working with Fisserv to build emerging merchant experiences that help bring crypto assets into the mainstream.

In addition to innovating on new digital capabilities for merchants, Fiserv and Bakkt plan to introduce Bakkt technology that supports consumers’ ability to buy, sell and hold crypto assets to Fiserv financial institution clients.



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