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Firenza Pizza Raleigh Partners with Waitbusters to Offer Delivery


Firenza Pizza Raleigh in North Carolina is using Waitbuster's online ordering platform, including the Delivery As A Service (DaaS) feature.  

Waitbusters’ objective with its “specialized” online ordering and delivery platform is to allow restaurants to profit from the incremental revenue delivery brings while eliminating the headaches and costs associated with hiring and managing drivers. Waitbusters understands the tremendous marketing power that third-party party delivery apps bring to the table. Consequently, Waitbusters is not trying to replace third-party delivery apps but work in conjunction with them.

With Waitbusters’ Digital Diner, restaurants can utilize those third-party delivery apps for as long as they need as an acquisition tool to secure new customers.  Leveraging Waitbusters’ marketing tools like SMS marketing and social media sharing, the restaurants can then transition those customers to their own in-house platform saving material commission costs.



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