Fine Dining NYC Eatery Turns Receipts into Marketing Tools Following POS Printer Upgrade

Il Campanello, a fine dining restaurant serving Italian and Argentinean cuisine opened its doors in the heart of midtown Manhattan in 1995. Situated in a high-traffic area, Il Campanello was in need of a point of sale (POS) system that could both keep up with the restaurant's volume, while at the same time fitting in with the its elegant decor.

Il Campanello originally installed a two terminal point of sale system running hospitality software on Posiflex Jiva all-in-one terminals, with three thermal printers in 2006. Two of the three printers were used in the dining area, while the third was situated in the kitchen. By mid-2007, the point of sale system had stopped functioning and the integrator who had installed the system had since gone out of business.

Luckily for Il Campanello, they found the New Jersey-based Ryan Kennedy and KenntekPOS. At the time that KenntekPOS became involved, the Posiflex terminals were functioning properly, however the POS software was no longer functioning and only one of the three thermal printers was still working.

KenntekPOS installed their KenntekPOS point of sale on the Posiflex Jiva terminals, and replaced two non-working printers, one located in the dining area and the other one in the kitchen, with Star Micronics' TSP650 thermal printers.

A growing arsenal of printers
Satisfied with the results of the Star TSP650 printer being used at one of the two terminals in the dining area, a few months later Il Campanello decided to extend its system by adding a Star Micronics SP700 impact printer to the kitchen. Management also decided to replace the dining room's remaining original thermal printer with another Star Micronics TSP650 thermal printer.

The superior quality of Star Micronics' printing was the main impetus for management's decision to upgrade the restaurant's printers. Also, by using Star Micronics printers throughout the restaurant, II Campanello is now able to fully leverage the benefits of the printers, in particular the KenntekPOS interface that allows them to manage coupons and other graphics on the receipt.

This year, II Campanello plans to swap their Star Micronics TSP650 printers with the Star Micronics TSP100 thermal printers. In doing so, management hopes to take advantage of the Star Micronics futurePRNT features that this printer offers. futurePRNT software, which comes complimentary with all TSP100 printers, enables users to easily take advantage of its various tools including receipt re-design, graphics and coupons based on text triggers. FuturePRNT enables the TSP100 receipt printer to become a marketing tool. This is done without having to change any settings within the KenntekPOS software.
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