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Financials, BI Platform to Elevate Operational Performance for Summit Hospitality Group

Summit Hospitality Group, Ltd., one of North Carolina's largest operators of independent, full and select-service hotels, is implementing Alloso Technologies' Portfolio One system. Alloso is a software development and consulting company specializing in portfolio management and performance improvement within the hospitality industry.

Portfolio One is a Web-based financial reporting and business intelligence platform that consolidates information from many different hospitality and hotel brand systems. It provides in-depth financial reporting, expense management, and analytical capabilities for hotel management companies and asset managers. Portfolio One collects, filters, and analyzes information to facilitate successful expense containment and proactive decision-making.

Real-time visibility
Summit Hospitality Group, Ltd., owns and operates hotels in the mid-Atlantic region, representing nearly $102 million in assets and 500 employees. The implementation of Portfolio One will give Summit Hospitality real-time visibility into revenue and expense information across their systems. On one platform, users throughout the organization, including department heads, can analyze data consolidated from nearly every system in the organization, including general ledger, budgets and forecasts, market research, payroll and labor, and energy. This information can be viewed in multiple ways, customized to Summit Hospitality's specifications.

"In the current economic climate, it is critical to maximize efficiency, simplify business processes, and reduce extraneous costs. The Portfolio One system does all of this, in addition to helping us position ourselves for future growth. We are already seeing positive outcomes such as improved accountability, transparency, and communication across the organization," says Ian Sauer, VP of operations for Summit Hospitality Group, Ltd.

Alloso developed Portfolio One as an affordable enterprise-class solution for small to mid-market hotel management companies. Portfolio One provides immediate return on investment and low overall cost of ownership. Significant savings include the elimination of unnecessary data entry and reporting, independence from costly IT resources and systems, and the reduction of paper generation, storage, and retrieval.
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