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Fazoli's Partners with Orderscape to Offer Customers Full-Menu Ordering Certification by Amazon, an order automation and voice technology software company to help restaurants grow sales and build deeper and more personalized relationships with their customers, announced a full-menu ordering certification by Amazon for Fazoli’s restaurants. Fazoli's customers can now order meals via natural language processing as an Alexa skill at some locations.

Orderscape is helping to pioneer order automation using voice technology on a number of conversation channels like Alexa and soon, Google Assistant and Google Home. With full-menu voice ordering, restaurants using leading food ordering platforms like Olo, Onosys and Monkey Media software, among others, can extend their reach and provide a seamless conversational food ordering experience to their customers, creating another revenue stream while significantly improving the customer experience.

According to Orderscape, conversational commerce, or the 4th pillar of online ordering, coupled with artificial intelligence is set to revolutionize digital ordering for restaurants. Voice makes it easy to interface with technology into one, familiar action: speaking. Conversational food ordering technology drives revenue and improves the guest experience at the same time.

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