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FastBooking's iPhone App Gives Users Access to Portfolio of 4,000 Independent Hotels

FastBooking, a provider of advanced Internet booking systems and e-marketing services for the hospitality industry, announces that its iPhone application can be downloaded immediately, at no charge, from the iTunes online store.

The FastBooking iPhone app gives users access to the 4,000 hotels in the portfolio, and independent hotels around the world which rely on the FastBooking Engine to manage their online bookings. Through the FastBooking app, iPhone users can reserve their rooms and other hotel amenities in real-time based on the most current information on each hotel's rates and availability.

Additional unique features are also built into the FastBooking iPhone application:

  • Sophisticated GPS functions help users locate all nearby hotels.
  • Google Maps is integrated into the application so there's no need to leave the booking process to see a street or satellite map.
  • Potential guests can see photos of the hotel's rooms, restaurant, lobby, spa, pool and other amenities.
  • Forms are automatically filled in using information from the iPhone address book.
Secured links handle payment information
Once a reservation is confirmed, an automatic route plan shows the guest how to get to the hotel. The FastBooking iPhone app is a native application developed specifically for the iPhone to make the most of the technological and ergonomic advantages the platform offers: the intuitive interface, swiping and tapping features, and performance speed. The company will roll out its mobile strategy during 2010 with hotel booking applications for the most popular mobile platforms.
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