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Expressoft Leverages Cloud-Based Software Applications to Provide Cost-Effective, Faster Solutions

The Romanian company TOP HoReCa – now rebranded as expressoft recently launched several innovative software applications meant to boost profitability and improve business management (expressoft MyBusiness, expressoft MyPOS, expressoft MyShop), create a community of partner-developers (expressoft myAppStore) and increase customers' engagement with their favorite locations (expressoft myPlaces).
expressoft MyBusiness allows managing several business locations in a single easy-to-use system which automates all the processes. With no additional work or employees required, the application performs business management tasks, analyzes data and automatically delivers reports and graphs. It also includes CRM functions, which makes easier working with huge multi-client databases.  
expressoft MyPOS manages the sales process and enables a better coordination, which drives a boost in sales. It is customizable according to each client's needs and can be run on any mobile device (tablet, PDA or smartphone).
expressoft MyShop improves sales management by means of an online order platform – a functionality useful especially for delivery services. It also integrates payments via mobile phone as a response to people's common fear to pay online by card.
expressoft myAppStore is an online platform where partner-developers can connect to existing applications for free in order to develop new innovative products, create a large community of developers and improve their offer together so as to provide eventually more and better solutions to the market.
expressoft myPlaces helps end-users find the closest locations, keep in touch with their favorite ones and get informed about current promotions, and also allows companies to retain and engage their customers and develop big, always up-to-date databases. The application works on Android and IOS.
All expressoft applications come already pre-installed, pre-configured and pre-adapted to the business-clients' needs. As for the reliability, although Cloud-based, they function even without an Internet connection for a limited period of time, up to one day.

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