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eRevMax Becomes First Channel Manager to Interface with GTA

Global wholesale travel provider GTA and eRevMax, the automated online distribution and channel management specialist, have established a two-way XML connection for rate, inventory and reservation distribution between properties on GTA’s booking systems and subscribers of eRevMax. Following its interface certification with RateTiger, GTA is now incorporated into eRevMax’s Channel Ecosystem.
Properties on GTA’s booking systems will benefit from eRevMax’s Reservation Delivery service, which facilitates automatic transfer of reservations data booked through GTA’s online sales channels directly to the hotel property management system (PMS). The hotels can also process rate and inventory updates through RateTiger’s XML interface transferring data in real-time helping them control pricing strategies and optimise revenue. eRevMax is the first channel manager to establish two-way connectivity with GTA.
Part of the Kuoni group, GTA is a worldwide wholesale travel provider with properties sourced from tens of thousands of travel suppliers in nearly 190 countries. Booking sites – GTA retail, TravelCube, Travel Bound and Octopus Travel retail, as well as GTA wholesale – bring hotels over 21,000 bookings daily.
The partnership with eRevMax gives RateTiger’s subscribers an easy way to put their latest rates and availability in front of tens of thousands of travel-selling clients around the world.
Based on dynamic pricing algorithms, eRevMax channel management solution helps hotels update price and inventory according to supply and demand changes across multiple sales channels.
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