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Enso Connect Bets on AI as the Future of Hospitality

The guest experience platform has gone all in on OpenAI's GPT-4 and believes hotels will need to embrace AI-driven solutions to stay competitive.
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Recently, Enso Connect, a guest experience platform for hospitality professionals, announced its integration with OpenAI’s GPT-4.  The integration is meant to help hoteliers enhance guest communication and simplify operations. For example, it will allow hospitality teams to generate multilingual content in seconds, prioritize issues by context and guest sentiment, and decrease response times. To learn more about how Enso Connect will be using this technology and why it chose to integrate with GPT-4, HT spoke with  Francois Gouelo, Co-founder and CEO of Enso Connect as well as and Peter Sorbo, Co-founder and CTO, Enso Connect.

What makes this chatbot tech unique compared to other hotel chatbot solution providers?

It’s important to draw the line between Enso AI and a classic chatbot. What we have created is a personal assistant, designed specifically for hospitality professionals. It comprehends conversation context and helps hospitality professionals create vital content, including upsell copy, conversation summaries and human-approved responses. Unlike conventional chatbots, EnsoAI not simply provides automated replies but prioritizes communication based on what's important. Its primary advantage lies in delivering the quick response times that guests expect through automated copywriting.

In hospitality, people seek human interaction and individual recognition rather than being treated as a mere statistic. Here’s why our goal is not just to provide automatic responses to guests. Instead, we aim to help property managers understand their audience, monetize effectively, and streamline operations with tailored responses in their own style.

Enso AI provides access to the limitless power of AI technology right inside the Enso Connect platform. The integration with GPT-4 provides immediate content creation capabilities of large language models (LLM), eliminating the need for users to navigate between different tabs and passwords. 

Why did you choose specifically to integrate with OpenAI instead of another AI company?

We chose OpenAI for their state-of-the-art language models, such as GPT-4, providing high accuracy and contextually relevant responses. Their commitment to research, innovation, and responsible AI aligns with our goals, and their developer tools and resources have greatly facilitated our integration process. Overall, OpenAI's combination of advanced technology, ethical practices, and support make them the ideal partner for our integration needs.

What are some examples of how EnsoAI will work for hotels?

The most practical examples of the EnsoAI use in hotels are: 

Upselling: EnsoAI can assist hotels in upselling by providing personalized recommendations to guests. For instance, if a guest inquires about tonight's dinner specials and mentions a shellfish allergy, EnsoAI can suggest alternative menu options that cater to their dietary restrictions. It can also recommend suitable wine pairings and suggest desserts that complement the chosen meal.

Marketing: EnsoAI can be employed in marketing efforts by generating tailored messages and promotions. Hotels can use EnsoAI to create targeted campaigns for specific guest segments, such as offering exclusive discounts to frequent guests or promoting spa services to guests who have indicated an interest in wellness activities.

Information Sharing: EnsoAI can serve as a virtual concierge, providing guests with instant access to relevant information. Guests can ask EnsoAI questions like "What time is the pool open?" or "Where can I find nearby attractions?" and receive prompt and accurate responses, improving their overall experience and reducing the need for manual assistance.

Personalized Recommendations: EnsoAI can offer personalized recommendations based on guest preferences and historical data. For example, if a guest frequently requests vegan options for meals, EnsoAI can proactively suggest vegan-friendly dining options or recommend nearby vegan restaurants.

Guest Assistance: EnsoAI can act as a round-the-clock assistant, addressing common guest inquiries and requests. Guests can ask EnsoAI for amenities such as extra towels or toiletries, inquire about hotel policies, or request assistance with booking transportation services, and EnsoAI can provide immediate and helpful responses.

By leveraging EnsoAI's capabilities, hotels can streamline operations, offer tailored recommendations, improve guest satisfaction, and ultimately provide a more personalized and memorable experience for their guests.

Do guests want to be "tricked" into thinking they're chatting with a human when it's really AI? Is that really personalization?

Every business determines the level of trust they place in technology. That is precisely why we offer options to manually approve the AI-suggested responses. The primary objective is to automate repetitive tasks and frequently asked questions, rather than replacing human interaction. This approach allows the hospitality team to dedicate their time to more meaningful conversations and service.

According to a recent AI consumer survey conducted by Orbit Media Studios, people desire their service providers to use AI as a supportive tool for their work. The survey, which involved over 1000 respondents, revealed that for each service category (excluding hair stylists), the majority expressed a preference for providers to employ AI to some extent. While few wish for robots to entirely replace human professionals, most respondents welcome AI as an assistive technology.

Therefore, it is crucial to establish clear expectations and openly disclose when guests are engaging with AI-powered systems. Transparency in informing guests that AI is being used to enhance their service builds trust and reassurance. By being transparent about the involvement of AI, we can create an environment where guests feel valued and well-served.

When do you think technology similar to EnsoAI will become table stakes for hotels?

With the growing demand for personalized experiences and the necessity for efficient operations, the adoption of automation and AI-powered technology is already essential for hotels. 

As guests become more tech-savvy and accustomed to personalized services in various aspects of their lives, hotels will need to embrace AI-driven solutions to stay competitive. The ability to provide tailored recommendations, streamline processes, and deliver exceptional guest experiences will be crucial for hotels to meet evolving guest expectations.

The future has arrived, and its impact is more than mere rhetoric. In the very near future, AI will change all sectors by eliminating mundane and repetitive tasks. The hospitality industry, like all others, must acknowledge this reality and adapt its operations accordingly. Embracing AI technology is crucial for staying competitive and remaining relevant in the evolving landscape of the hospitality industry. By accepting and leveraging AI, hotels can optimize their operations, enhance guest experiences, and ensure they remain at the forefront of the game.

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