Enplug Taps TripAdvisor: Hotels/Restaurants to Stream Customer Reviews

Enplug, creators of the operating system for displays in businesses, which transforms any TV or display into a real-time marketing tool, has integrated with TripAdvisor to give restaurants and hotels the ability to stream a feed of their latest TripAdvisor customer reviews and curate the content onto any display in their venue.
The TripAdvisor app for Enplug is the latest addition to Enplug’s suite of apps for customer interaction via social networks, which includes similar display walls for Yelp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Swarm posts. By enabling displays to feature TripAdvisor recommendations and reviews, guests are encouraged to leave their feedback and have it showcased on the display.
“Enplug has been a huge part of our social strategy. When customers see others’ social posts on the display, it entices them to get involved.” said John Sungkamee, owner of Emporium Thai in Los Angeles. “Customers are heavily using these social networks to make spending decisions, and the new TripAdvisor app gives us yet another platform to further engage our customers and expand our reach online from inside our restaurant.”
Display managers can view a feed of the latest reviews in Enplug’s web dashboard and select which reviews they’d like to ‘allow’ or ‘hide’ from their display, giving them full control over the reviews appearing on their network of screens.
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