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Energy Mgmt System Fuels Green Savings for Arizona Resort

Energy management solutions are changing the way facilities think about managing resources and dollars. Many existing facilities may have the perception that it is impossible to integrate new technologies into facilities that may lack the infrastructure to properly deploy the technologies within the existing framework. However, for the London Bridge Resort, located in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, a recently installed energy management technology platform from Telkonet is changing the way the resort views energy management solutions.

London Bridge Resort is a full service resort situated on 110 waterfront acres in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. The hot Arizona desert climate drives high energy use in the spring and summer months, leading hotel management to seek out solutions that would lower costs. London Bridge Resort installed Telkonet's body heat activated and motion sensors in each suite. The sensors work in collaboration with Telkonet's thermostats to properly set room temperatures based on room occupancy. London Bridge Resort benefits from the Telkonet energy management system by controlling temperatures in guest suites that are not occupied. In suites where guests leave for a few hours or for the afternoon, temperatures will gradually increase in the warmer months and decrease in the cooler months. However, immediately upon a guest's return, the sensors will recognize occupancy and quickly bring the temperature back to the guest's preset comfort level.

Achieving optimal guest comfort & energy savings
Telkonet's energy management solution is aimed to achieve optimal energy efficiency while always remaining focused on guest comfort. In addition, the solution has a user-friendly interface that allows team members to ensure guest comfort and is easy to use.

Telkonet's smart energy management system has preset specifications to ensure that guest comfort is always achieved and aimed to provide the optimal energy and utility savings for London Bridge Resort. Telkonet's energy management solution is a tool that tracks and monitors the performance of each sensor and thermostat and provides invaluable data to manage the energy costs for London Bridge Resort. The tool enables London Bridge Resort to track usage and savings, benchmark energy conservation efforts, and facilitate suite heating and cooling efficiency by unit.

The technology was easy to install and setup. In fact the hardware installation was conducted by the in-house engineering team at London Bridge Resort led by Finn Hauchrog, director of engineering for London Bridge Resort. Telkonet was onsite to initiate the technology and install the software components of the system. The installation was painless and did not impact London Bridge Resort guests or team members.

Telkonet was the right choice for London Bridge Resort. The old conventional system did not allow for preset specifications and provided no tracking capabilities; with the Telkonet energy management solution, the London Bridge Resort has seen tremendous energy savings.

London Bridge Resort piloted the technology from a variety of suites for three months prior to incorporating the solution in the entire organization. The platform is expected to lead to annual energy savings.

Cal Sheehy is the Vice President and General Manager of London Bridge Resort. Cal has a Master's of Business Administration from University of Phoenix and is a Certified Hotel Administrator from the American Hotel & Lodging Association.

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