Elephant Bar Increases Customer Visits with Paytronix Geofencing Campaigns

Operating 29 restaurants throughout seven states, Elephant Bar restaurant chain has successfully deployed geofencing capability from Paytronix Systems, Inc. These messages compel visits from Elephant Bar Rewards members when they are within a set proximity to a restaurant. In a review of three recent campaigns, Elephant Bar determined a substantial uptick in visits.
“When we analyzed the first three geofencing campaigns that we conducted with Paytronix, we discovered that approximately 30 percent of the Elephant Bar Rewards members messaged came into one of our locations on the same day,” said Suzanne Gross, senior marketing manager at Elephant Bar. “That level of incremental business proves that we have a real opportunity here with geofencing to offer more relevant messaging to our Rewards members.”
Paytronix Geofencing enables restaurants to leverage spatial and temporal data on program members who are in the vicinity of a restaurant. As a program member crosses a customizable radius of a specific store, the geofencing module surfaces a message to the member’s device that reminds them to use the rewards that they’ve earned or to come in and try their favorite drink. Because each message is integrated into the rewards platform, retailers and restaurants can ensure that each is targeted appropriately. For example, a free coffee message will only be sent to members who have a free coffee on their account.
Paytronix Geofencing enables marketers to:
Map a radius – virtually draw a perimeter around each location so that personalized, location-based messages can be sent to guests who enter the radius;
Influence behavior – by encouraging guests to come to the location when it is most relevant to them;
Accumulate data – about popular entry and exit points, as well as daypart opportunities, such as a capturing a crowd passing by during a snack period;
Gain competitive advantage – with an additional channel and data point to grab a guest’s attention before a competitor does.
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