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EasyWay Spells Out a New Standard for Hospitality Messaging

Magic Spell by EasyWay

EasyWay - the ultimate guest journey platform for hotels - announced the launch of Magic Spell. This built-in writing assistant solidifies EasyWay as a leader in the hospitality technology market, helping hotels standardize their communication and create a more consistent guest experience.

Magic Spell is an AI-powered messaging assistant inside the EasyWay platform. As hotel staff respond to guests in real-time, they'll receive automatic grammar and phrasing suggestions to help them write more professionally and error-free. The multilingual tool automatically detects the writer's language and offers a variety of responses to help build better customer relationships.

Developed with an in-depth understanding of hospitality content and semantics, Magic Spell uses advanced AI to generate fast responses that are appropriate for any guest situation at hand. Ensuring hotels have real-time writing assistance while messaging guests helps EasyWay standardize hospitality communication.

By automatically detecting the meaning, intent, and language, the writing assistant suggests casual or formal phrasing options as well as shorter or longer suggestions to help hotels communicate more effectively with guests. Having all staff members speak in the same voice builds stronger brand identity and provides a consistent guest experience from start to finish. The tool automatically detects grammar and spelling mistakes, allowing staff to respond quickly and error-free.

Since the EasyWay hotel messaging platform also tracks guest sentiment using machine learning, hotels can craft the perfect responses with the help of AI to mitigate any issues in real-time and increase positive customer reviews.

"We are excited to launch a messaging assistant that empowers hotels to communicate effectively and speak in a consistent brand voice. Magic Spell is the first of its kind in and outside of the hospitality industry," said Roy Friedman, CEO, and Co-Founder of EasyWay.

"Hospitality phrasing and grammar suggestions in real-time will enable hotels to write more professionally, standardize their level of service, respond more thoughtfully, and communicate error-free. This allows hotels to serve their guests better and uphold their brand's reputation in every language."

Hotels can standardize their level of hospitality knowing an AI writing assistant is always by their side. The EasyWay platform connects seamlessly with any direct messaging app, including WhatsApp, SMS, and WeChat. Hotels interested in experiencing this historic innovation in hospitality can request a demo at

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