EAST Miami Hotel Joins Forces with Laasie to Tap Into the Power of Instant, Personalized Guest Rewards

EAST Miami, a modern business lifestyle hotel offering travelers a unique glimpse into Miami’s vibrant, urban jungle, has teamed up with Laasie to offer guests a new kind of guest loyalty program. Recognizing guest demand for an increasingly personalized experience, EAST Miami plans to leverage Laasie’s modern, AI-powered loyalty technology to establish more meaningful, dynamic relationships with guests via an instant-gratification rewards model.

“I was originally introduced to Laasie by our new ownership group, and I immediately took an interest in their offering,” shares Brad Sundock, Strategic Director of Sales and Revenue at EAST Miami. “At the time, I had a partnership with another provider, which had failed to deliver the results we were looking for. With this in mind, I felt we were due for a change, and I found that the Laasie platform offered a compelling niche/edge that other loyalty programs lacked.”

Lassie’s Convert platform aims to disrupt the traditional, points-based hotel loyalty model and replace it with a dynamic loyalty platform that rewards customers for their actions while generating insights from every interaction. Using Convert, EAST Miami can now offer guests personalized, valuable rewards via Laasie’s extensive rewards marketplace to incentivize current and potential guests to book directly and engage with their brand. Using AI, the Convert platform is hard at work in the background, dynamically optimizing campaign designs and messaging to maximize conversion. At the same time, ensuring guests are presented the most relevant, personalized rewards based on their interests. This model works to delight and surprise guests before, during, and after their stay by making rewards more tangible, exciting, and personal.

“I’m very particular with respect to the design of tools, so I spent a lot of time working with our corporate head office in Hong Kong, as well as the Laasie team, to solidify the vision and design for this new rewards platform,” explains Sundock. “This implementation and onboarding process went very smoothly, and although it’s too soon to speak to its conversion results, I am incredibly optimistic about this partnership and what it will offer our guests while differentiating our property.”

For EAST Miami, guest loyalty is a foremost consideration, as its guests are drawn to its boutique experience. “Our hotel acts as a hub of activity, with experiences and conveniences tailored to both leisure and business travelers. From  award-winning dining, breathtaking views of the city, incredible co-working and meeting spaces, and interesting concepts like the ‘ Asian Night Brunch’ offered in our Tea Room, our property has a little bit of everything for everyone,” adds Sundock. “Our clientele is magnetically drawn to our unique offerings as well as our  personalized service, which has helped us consistently stand out amongst the landscape of hotels in which we preside, especially post-pandemic.”

Speaking about this partnership, Jen Wong, CEO of Laasie, notes that EAST Miami is perfectly positioned to lead the charge towards a new era of guest loyalty, in which instant gratification and personalized rewards become the industry standard. Laasie’s loyalty platform is unlike any other solution on the market, and EAST Miami is unlike any other property,” shares Wong. “If you ask me, that makes for a perfect pairing, and I’m excited to see how our technology can help EAST Miami reward and delight guests like never before.”

As for the future, Sundock does not doubt that EAST Miami will continue to make a name for itself amongst global travelers. “Miami is a unique city with unique offerings, so I feel very positive about what the future has in store for us,” shares Sundock. “Right now, we’re just focused on designing – and continuously refining – our offerings, so travelers know that we are willing to work with them and offer them a truly great experience.”

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