Duetto Delivers New Rate Management Experience

Duetto, a software as a service provider of revenue strategy solutions, announced a series of new features for GameChanger, its award-winning revenue optimization application.

The New Rate Management Experience (NRMX) features are designed to enable revenue teams to work more strategically, consolidating all rate publishing pages into one single, unified view.

“We’re excited to unveil new features to improve the user experience in GameChanger, the world’s only cloud-native, multi-tenant RMS,” said David Woolenberg, CEO, Duetto. “Our iterative approach to product development means that every Duetto user is always using the latest version of our platform. There is no V1, V2, or V3 – everyone operates on the same, updated system. This is vital to our clients, especially those who run their connected commercial strategy for multiple properties and brands from our RMS.”

The product development team at Duetto has focused on four key areas of enhancement with NRMX. These are: 

Efficiency and Time Savings consolidate rate publishing pages into one single, unified view and enable bulk updates on rate acceptance.

Confident Rate Pushing provides a customizable view of crucial data points, enabling  users to click and drag elements of the GameChanger dashboard into a view that best fits their strategy.

Decision Intelligence provides more comprehensive competitive information and quicker filtering to enable revenue managers to focus on the days that most need their attention. Custom metrics are also now available.

Operational Visibility allows more accessible user auditing and improved visibility on when and where strategy influences a rate for a room type or segment.

These new features have been tested in beta by several Duetto customers, and are receiving rave reviews: 

“It's easier to maneuver and streamlines the whole process. Having all the data on one screen helps when I'm looking at it over the weekend from my phone. I have everything at my fingertips. This enables me to work smarter, not harder, where I don't feel tethered to my laptop every day,” said Jamie Chang, Regional Director of Revenue Management, Pacifica Hotels.

“Duetto’s new rate management experience is very user-friendly. You have all of the data points like daily pace in the same tool. I don't make many rate changes anymore because I only have to take the recommendation from Duetto. It's awesome! I optimize in three minutes or less,“ said Jaime Abraham Garza, Corporate Revenue Manager,  Playa Hotels & Resorts.

GameChanger helps hotels develop and implement the most profitable and competitive revenue strategies. Built on an Open Pricing methodology that allows you to yield unlimited segments, channels, and room types in real-time, GameChanger delivers a flexible platform that lets you adjust segmentation and custom pricing logic whenever you need it and without losing data. This latest product enhancement will become available to all Duetto GameChanger users this summer.

NRMX comes hot on the heels of Duetto’s innovative new upselling integration with Oaky, which delivers analytically powered, highly targeted upgrade offers to guests.  Both innovations help hotel revenue teams deliver on a connected commercial strategy that will boost revenue and improve the guest experience.

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