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Duetto Brings Personalization to Booking Process with Launch of PlayMaker

Duetto said it introduced PlayMaker, an application tackling true personalization of the booking path. The new cloud application addresses the industry's greatest challenge by providing consumers a better and more personal shopping experience, increasing their likelihood to convert. By serving both known and unknown shoppers customized merchandising content on direct channels, PlayMaker enables hoteliers to offer guests what they want and drive more direct bookings.

With PlayMaker, properties connect browsing behavior, demographic information, past stay history and third-party data to make instant, intuitive decisions that serve up the most enticing room types, packages, offers and upsells. Duetto's Revenue Strategy Platform delivers those "plays" to the booking engine via an integration with the RESTful API, allowing the hotel to offer personalized experiences that increase conversion. With visibly faster response time and relevant offers, guests will be able to book without frustration — ending their buying journey with a confirmed reservation.

For example, when an unknown high-worth shopper arrives at a hotel's booking engine, PlayMaker could instantaneously offer an executive suite as the first choice in the room type sort order. Or if it's a known customer who has previously booked spa treatments, PlayMaker might serve up the suite plus a special spa offer to drive ancillary revenue.

When paired with GameChanger, Duetto's Open Pricing Application, PlayMaker provides the unprecedented ability for hoteliers to match the right content and the right price to the right consumer, providing a completely personalized offer that increases conversion and revenue.

Combined with the company's flagship Open Pricing application, GameChanger, its intelligent-reporting app, ScoreBoard, and its contracted business optimization app, BlockBuster, the new product further delivers on Duetto's founding mission to help hotels and casinos adopt a highly collaborative, data-driven and more profitable Revenue Strategy.

Like the other applications, PlayMaker enables hotels and casinos to better address hospitality's increasingly complex landscape for technology and digital distribution. The Revenue Strategy Platform brings together all core technologies and data to make them accessible through multi-tenant cloud architecture, powering a growing suite of applications that enable the most comprehensive Revenue Strategy.

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