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Dimension Development Partners with UniFocus to Optimize Workforce Performance

Dimension Development Company is implementing UniFocus’ labor management system (LMS) for all of its diverse portfolio of hotels. After testing the software at a handful of properties, Dimension Development determined that UniFocus offers it the ability to scale to various types of operations, making it an easy choice.

“Our primary goal is maximizing financial returns to hotel owners. We do that through outstanding customer service and a results-driven bottom line. A strong labor management platform helps us achieve that goal,” said Matthew Schupbach, Dimension Development’s Assistant CFO and continuous improvement leader.

He continued, “Unifocus’ LMS provides the adaptability and scalability we need to be financially and operationally successful for select-service to larger, complex full-service properties. As our number of properties continues to grow, it becomes important to work smarter and not harder, and therefore find the labor management solution that would serve as the standard across our portfolio. That solution is UniFocus.”

Dimension Development has a need to effortlessly see whether hotels are meeting its company-wide standards of productivity. With UniFocus’ LMS in place, the company’s hotel managers have dashboard reporting to check productivity day over day instead of waiting to compare statistics from the previous month or quarter.

UniFocus’ LMS is a single-source, cloud-based solution with real-time analytics that tackles the complexities of budgeting, planning, and workforce scheduling for hospitality and other service industry organizations. Its accurate forecasting of business volumes lets management put the right staff in place at the right time, even from their mobile device. This, coupled with assessments of engagement levels of the team, ensures a targeted customer experience. 

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