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Denihan Properties Upgrade Business Centers with iMac Rollout

When Denihan Hospitality Group decided to standardize guest computing at the majority of its upscale and luxury boutique brands, it chose ElevenBC for Mac. This turnkey offering has the flexibility to offer both free-to-guest and guest-pay financial models, and consumer familiarity with the Apple platform made ElevenBC for Mac an attractive amenity. Today, many of the Denihan brands use ElevenBC for guest computing, and more conversions are underway.
To make their guest computers convenient and private for guests but not obtrusive to hotel design, Denihan strategically placed the iMacs at optimal locations at each property. Affinia 50 chose a second floor Club Room with couches, a flat screen TV and a coffee and tea bar, while Affinia Gardens chose an alcove off the main lobby. The James Hotels opted to showcase its iMacs on wooden desks complemented by modern accessories. In short, these are not your average business centers.
Denihan also understands the importance of being flexible, knowing when to charge for services and when to offer them at no cost to guests.  The James hotels grant computer access to guests free of charge while the Affinia properties and The Surrey charge for use. Eleven is one of the only providers that supports both financial models and a myriad of other free/pay solutions. And Eleven continues to provide the industry’s highest level of ongoing 24-hour support and service across all business models.

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