Dairy Queen Franchisee Takes No Chances When Securing Guest Data

In operation since 2000, Roundtable Corporation is the largest Dairy Queen franchisee in the state of Texas. While operating 78 locations, Roundtable is able to focus on its core business of serving "hot eats and cool treats" to customers without the headaches of PCI compliance.

In order to accept customer credit card data, Roundtable was ready to roll out software with its POS registers. Before implementing the software, Roundtable wanted to ensure that everything was being done correctly and securely in light of recent credit card regulations that make up PCI compliance.

Roundtable did not want to take any chances with sensitive customer data. This is why Roundtable chose to work with BHI Advanced Internet, Inc., provider of SecureConnect.

Roundtable stays compliant with the PCI requirements through several layers of defense. The key component of its store level infrastructure is handled by SecureConnect, while other elements of defense include ParTech POS equipment and Monetra transaction software.

Infrastructure security
SecureConnect provides a secure, multi-site Virtual Private Network (VPN) for Roundtable locations. They also monitor all of Roundtable's circuits and set-up separate Wi-Fi access networks for its guests. Roundtable has talked about this for a long time and is happy that SecureConnect solved the PCI compliance piece and is an integral part of the company's security infrastructure.

Implementation of the SecureConnect services was very easy. The project rollout team had a depth of resources that left nothing lacking. SecureConnect worked with Roundtable's other vendors to make sure there were no surprises when it came time for implementation.

Roundtable has always been a leader in its industry with custom-built live reporting across multiple platforms, allowing for operational decisions to be made on the fly as sales fluctuate throughout the day. Connectivity is crucial to Roundtable's ability to make informed decisions and analyze the data that flows in live from all 78 locations. SecureConnect possesses expertise in securing streams of network connectivity, which is a win-win for Roundtable and its customers. Receiving data from the stores is a vital element in Roundtable's strategy and the proactive monitoring by SecureConnect keeps the IT team on top of any outages.

There are some things Roundtable does better than anyone else, but for everything else they find a company that can best assist them. Roundtable is confident in the choice of SecureConnect to handle the company's network and security management. Success in information technology is directly related to the ability to seek out and find those vendors that can facilitate strategies that will enable Roundtable to make decisions on what is happening now, not what happened yesterday.

Mike Stump received both his BS in organizational management and his MS in organizational leadership from Lubbock Christian University. He utilizes his twenty years of leadership and technology experience in his role as director of information technology at Roundtable Corporation.

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