DailyPay Unveils New Friday Tips Function

DailyPay is rolling out a new function, "Friday Tips" to help hospitality employees and employers deal with the increasingly cashless society.  

For parking valets, restaurant servers, porters, and hotel concierges, the cashless trend can put a huge dent in their finances. This shift in consumer behavior can drive many from the industry and negatively affect a company's ability to recruit and retain employees. To address this problem facing its clients, especially those in hospitality,

For Employees:

  • Instant access to tips, for no fee.* When tipped employees set their direct deposit to the Friday Card, they can access their tips, instantly transfer them to the Friday Card for no fee, and spend them using a Visa general purpose reloadable (GPR) prepaid card with no minimum balance requirement, no monthly fees, no maintenance fees, and access to 55,000+ in-network ATMs.
  • Visibility to all earned pay that includes tips in the DailyPay Balance.

For Employers:

  • Eliminate the need to keep cash on hand.
  • Added flexibility for employees. With "Friday Tips," employees have multiple no-fee options to access their tips—between 1-3 business days to any bank account—instantly for a small ATM-like fee, or instantly with Friday.*
  • Support the continued cashless trend. Provide customers with the ability to provide tips using digital payment methods.

The Friday Card, issued by The Bancorp BankN.A., Member FDIC, can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

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