Curacity Announces Partnership with Curator Hotel & Resort Collection

Curacity, a data analytics company driving direct bookings to hotels through social content creators, continues to surge in growth with the announcement of its partnership with Curator Hotel & Resort Collection (“Curator”). Curator will now offer Curacity’s data-analysis technology and creator booking platform to independent hotel owners and operators in the Curator collection. This partnership will give Curator members access to both revenue-driving and content creation tools that will help boost their bottom lines.

When the pandemic slammed the travel industry and hotels found themselves with more open inventory than ever, Curacity’s founders, who had since 2015 helped bridge the gap between publishers and hotels by monetizing publishers’ digital content, recognized another opportunity. Create a scalable way for hotel property teams to leverage influencers – aka, social media creators – to not only fill rooms, but also to drive revenue and generate content. Curacity’s Creator Booking Platform is on track for record growth in 2022, with the addition of over 50 new hotels and 12,000 social media creators.

Curacity’s partnership with Curator Hotel & Resort Collection solidifies its commitment to supporting independent hotels around the world. Curator is a first-of-its-kind owner-centric hospitality platform that offers a competitive alternative for independent lifestyle hotels looking to create value by optimizing their bottom lines. Curator provides them with best-in-class vendor agreements, services, reporting, and technology while allowing them to retain their identity and what makes them unique. Similarly, Curacity is leveraging its proprietary data-analysis to allow hotels to tap into social media creators to drive direct bookings of unused inventory, creating an incremental revenue stream as well as an opportunity for hotels to leverage creator content across its own marketing channels. 

“We’re thrilled to add a robust roster of hotels from Curator Hotel & Resort Collection to our creator booking platform to offer even more incredible booking opportunities to social media creators,” said Claire Hathaway, Chief Sales Officer of Curacity. “Part of our mission is to help boutique and independent hotels leverage social media creators more effectively to market their products and services, and our partnership with Curator affords us the opportunity to do so at a larger and more efficient scale.”

For more information or to contact Curacity, please call 833.658.1277, or visit

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