Curacity Announces New Tech Integrations to Help Streamline the Way Creators and Hotels Work Together

Hotel commerce solution, SiteMinder, and hotelier property management system, OPERA Cloud, have partnered with Curacity, the data analytics company enabling hotels to leverage social media creators to develop content and drive hotel bookings. The integration of these two widely-used hotel industry technologies provides a myriad of benefits to Curacity’s more than 400 hotel partners and 15,000 creators by enabling real-time data exchange and booking automation. These tech integrations come on the heels of Curacity’s induction into the Meta Business Partner program, which enables the platform to efficiently track conversions, create more valuable solutions for its partners and be at the forefront of social media marketing technology across Meta channels.

Curacity’s use of OPERA Cloud and SiteMinder will greatly reduce the friction generated when the company collects booking data from partner hotels. That data, which was previously generated manually by hotels, can now be transferred automatically, freeing partners to focus on other priorities. This integration of platforms creates a seamless, turnkey solution for partners to benefit from Curacity’s technology. 

“By streamlining connectivity on the backend, Curacity is doing for the hotel industry and creators what eBay did for buyers and sellers, but with more substantial attribution analysis,” says Nick Slavin, president and co-founder of Curacity

Equally as important, the integrations enable Curacity to execute real-time bookings for their creators, helping to increase revenue with less time required from hoteliers—who often don’t have the resources to work with creators in a scaled, direct way.  “There are currently 200 million creators generating content and looking to monetize their audiences. The creator economy is the future of hotel marketing, but it’s been almost entirely untapped in the travel industry” says Slavin.

“One of Curacity’s value propositions is that it seamlessly enables hotels to leverage their unsold room inventory for creator marketing,” added Slavin. “What we’re doing is eliminating the time-consuming back and forth between hotels and creators negotiating available dates, legal contracts and asset deliverables. This process is automated within Curacity’s platform—providing both creators and hotels with a process for working together that’s much more efficient.”

In addition to streamlining processes on the backend, these technological advances showcase Curacity’s commitment to helping hotel marketers add more and better tools to their top-of-the-funnel marketing mix. With Curacity, hoteliers not only increase the awareness of their properties through content creator audiences but also leverage them to drive direct bookings, turning this critical marketing channel into a revenue channel.

For more information or to contact Curacity, please call 833.658.1277, or visit

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