Culver's Implements Comprehensive PCI Compliance Solution & Secure, Public Wi-Fi Network from SecureConnect

In need of a comprehensive solution to enhance network security and operating procedures, Culver Franchising System, Inc. sought out SecureConnect to provide PCI compliance services benefitting both the company and its restaurants. Improving security measures across the brand has advanced its offerings to their guests as well. Culver's answered the requests of its guests and implemented secure, public wireless networks in many of its stores. The positive correlation between Wi-Fi service and guest return visits is not something to ignore.

SecureConnect Wi-Fi Hotspot is essential for Culver's, especially because it provides family-friendly content filtering. "As a family establishment, it is vital that the introduction of wireless Internet does not disrupt the restaurant environment with inappropriate content," says Tom Hendricks, vice president of information technology at Culver's. Advanced content filtering protects organizations and users from illegal activity, phishing websites and adult-themed content.

As wireless Internet continues to become more readily available, SecureConnect Wi-Fi Hotspot offers restaurants a branded landing page for patrons connecting to the network. The implementation of a Wi-Fi Hotspot from SecureConnect is one of many PCI DSS compliant services BHI Advanced Internet provides. "After analyzing our options, SecureConnect was the most comprehensive, cost-effective solution," says Hendricks. "It's an added bonus to know the Wi-Fi in our restaurants is not putting us at a higher risk for a security breach." SecureConnect core services include a managed firewall, logging and reporting, quarterly vulnerability scans and backup dial. Implementing all necessary security measures is vital to protect cardholder data and the company brand. Culver's maintains guest loyalty through strong partnerships with service providers like BHI that continue to improve operations and enrich customer experiences. With a solid security infrastructure in place, Culver's franchisees can be confident in processing credit cards safely while providing an enhanced guest experience with Wi-Fi Hotspot access.

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