Creating a Reimagined Guest Experience through a Digital, Contactless Journey

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

As travel demand picks back up, traditional touchpoints may never go back to “normal.” But should they? Since the beginning of the pandemic, hotels quickly and drastically changed staff and guest interactions from the moment guests walked in the door until they checked out. The safety implications of COVID-19 highlighted that technology can offer more efficiency, better sanitization and modern personalization. By offloading monotonous tasks that typically bog down staff, technology creates new opportunities for staff to offer better service throughout the guest journey.  

This eBook, “A Reimagined Guest Experience: A Guide For Hoteliers,” provides a look at new digital and contactless experiences from pre-arrival, to check-in, in the room and around the hotel, to check-out. It also offers a free checklist to get started or to inspire some new ideas. 

“Contactless” doesn’t have to mean robotic and cold. It can be achieved through technology, communication changes and physical distancing, all while maintaining a personal connection and guest preferences.

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