Crave Hot Dogs and BBQ Road to Expansion: Food Trucks

Crave is leaning into the food truck model to complement its brick-and-mortar stores. Both the stores and trucks use the same tech to power online ordering.

Crave Hot Dogs and BBQ has been driving expansion with its food truck model.

Crave has partnered with Jordan Schild of Premier Food Trucks, which allows them to have the ability to have food trucks nationwide.

In the Las Vegas market, Crave recently signed a franchise agreement with Richard Davies.  “There’s nothing like this here, and I’m excited to be the one to bring it to town,” said Davies about the food truck.

During COVID-19, Crave has utilized its app that’s available for Android and IOS. The app allowed delivery, take out, curbside and pick up. Customers also earned loyalty points and redeemed rewards. Customers are also alerted of specials. limited time offers as well as promotions.

Tech on Wheels

The food trucks and stores use the same technology to power online ordering. Customers are able to order via the app and pickup at the food truck, Samantha Rincione, Founder/ CEO/ Chief Operations Officer,  Crave Franchising LLC, tell HT. To take orders onsite, trucks are outfitted with handheld devices so employees can be outside the truck mingling and taking orders and payment, she added.

Tracking the Truck 

Customers have “the ability to “Track the Truck” to see its location along with all the same technology of the stores, ordering ahead, loyalty points, rewards, updates to menu and promos, locations etc.,” explains Rincione. 

A Full Menu on 4 Wheels

Crave features 100% all beef grilled hot dogs, brats and sausages as well as BBQ dishes, such as BBQ tacos and Mac n brisket sandwiches. The sides are delicious with everything from baked beans to Mac n cheese, fries, tots and slaw. A variety of salads and desserts are also available. Crave’s food trucks will feature the full menu with some additional items.

Crave currently has food trucks in Georgia, Nevada and Florida and brick-and-mortar locations in Georgia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Louisiana, Florida, Iowa, Michigan and more. The brand continues its success with selling brick-and-mortar locations throughout the United States as well.