Contactless Technology Provider Kontactless Sees Strong Hospitality Industry Adoption Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels
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Kontactless™, the QR-code enabled hospitality tech solution that enables customers to order, pay, and leave feedback on their smartphone, has seen strong adoption for its technology across the hotel, restaurant, and venue categories as it kicks off the 2021 financial year.

Kontactless was launched in August of last year and creates the opportunity for customers to order food and drinks without having to speak with or wait for a server. To use Kontactless, guests simply scan the unique QR code at their table or seat. This automatically brings them to a custom responsive webpage where they can place orders, make payments, track progress, and leave feedback. Since launch, Kontactless has seen a wide range of adoption by owners and operators looking for a solution that will allow them to operate safely and efficiently during the pandemic. The platform is currently being used by hospitality venues across 12 states as well as Canada and is on track to be in 25 states by Q2 2021.

New customers comprise a range of hotel brands at select Marriott and Hilton locations across North America, including McNeill Hotel Company and BPR Hotels, as well as a variety of entertainment and leisure companies. To date, nearly a quarter of a million transactions have already been conducted on the platform.

“2020 has undoubtedly been a difficult year for the hospitality industry, but our success in this space reflects the industry’s ability to leverage technology and weather the storm,” noted Gabriel Weisz, CEO of Kontactless. “Last year saw contactless technologies go from experimental to must-have, and I think we will see a rapid uptake and evolution of use in 2021. I’m excited to start the year on a high note and continue to help customers deliver an outstanding contactless experience to their guests, while also driving efficiencies for the business in a safe and cost-effective way.”

Cedric Sharp, Area General Manager of McNeill Hotel Company commented, “Kontactless has enabled us to get through difficult circumstances, while also motivating us to launch new service offerings – such as room service – which we have never offered before. This has helped us to connect with our guests even more. The way we do business has changed forever, and we will never go back to the norm.”

The solution’s successful adoption has enabled Kontactless to double its staff, and the company intends to do continue building out the team and enhancing technical capabilities to drive growth in 2021.