Contactless Technology Provider Kontactless Partners With FreedomPay

Partnership offers customers flexible, secure and streamlined payment service options.
Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels
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Kontactless™, the QR-code enabled hospitality tech solution that enables customers to order, pay, and leave feedback on their smartphone has announced a new partnership with leading payment service provider FreedomPay. The partnership will allow Kontactless customers to connect to all major credit card processors in North America through one secure and reliable payment platform.

The partnership will enable Kontactless to support its customers with their payment provider of choice, without the costly need to change their current payment processors or payment devices. The FreedomPay integration will also offer Kontactless customers world-class security with its Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE), which tokenizes credit card data, eliminating the storage of credit card numbers within the PrismSuite system.

Gabriel Weisz, CEO of Kontactless commented: “Our partnership with FreedomPay will give our hospitality customers a simple, cost-effective and streamlined payment experience. No need to spend time or money setting up another payment processor – customers can simply plug in their existing processor and carry on with their business. As mobile payments continue to skyrocket, this partnership will deliver an easy-to-use, secure mobile payment process for our wide range of hospitality customers.”

“FreedomPay’s Touchless Commerce program has changed how customers approach ordering and payment,” said Chris Kronenthal, President & CTO of FreedomPay. “By partnering with Kontactless we’re able to bring to life the shared vision of a seamless, secure and completely integrated checkout experience to the world of hospitality.”

Kontactless is currently being used by hospitality venues across 15 states as well as Canada.

Customers include a range of hotel brands at select Marriott and Hilton locations across North America, including McNeill Hotel Company, Newcrest Image, BPR Hotels, as well as a variety of entertainment and leisure companies. To date, nearly a quarter of a million transactions have already been conducted on the platform.