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ConnectSmart Kitchen & DineTime: Creating a Smarter Restaurant



Solution Type: Kitchen Automation and Guest Management Software

Five Innovative Features:

  1. Capacity management and order throttling features in CSK ensure a seamless off-premise strategy, predicated on real-time kitchen bandwidth
  2. Integrated, CSK will push this data to DineTime, keeping the FOH in the loop
  3. Displays guest’s vehicle information for a seamless curbside delivery system
  4. Allows hosts to segment orders by type (delivery, online, walk-in) via tabs in the software. 
  5. Provides accessible data and analytics reports to make restaurant improvements

Existing Clients for this Technology:

BJs Restaurant Brewhouse, Olive Garden, Cracker Barrel, Cheesecake Factory, Buffalo Wild Wings

Off-premise dining continues to rise in popularity, as guests seek convenient, modern ways to dine. QSR's restaurant technology helps restaurant operators implement a system that serves this growing customer base. With ConnectSmart Kitchen (CSK) in place, walk-in and off-premise customers can order without one stream of traffic disrupting the other.

Capacity management features in CSK "read" your kitchen's current bandwidth to develop an accurate pickup quote, based on real-time activity, for off-premise customers.

An integration between CSK and DineTime, QSR's guest management platform will streamline the host stand by keeping both stations, front and back-of-house, fully conscious of one another. So, after the guest places an order from off-premise, it flows into the kitchen to begin preparation and cooking, and the guest receives a pickup quote.

DineTime will continually receive the real-time status of the order to the host, detailing when it starts cooking to when it finishes, so that they needn't keep running to the back. It can even display pickup guest's vehicle information, for those operators looking to take their off-premise dining strategy curbside. 

On the flipside, DineTime can push walk-in order data to the kitchen, so that even while working on off-premise orders, back-of-house staff never loses sight of onsite traffic. When those off-premise guests come in to pick up their orders, an empowered host has their food hot, fresh, and waiting for them.

You can tell the software that was created for another purpose and adapted to work in a restaurant, versus what’s been exclusively designed to work in a restaurant. Bring anyone on the fence over to me, and I'll show them what they're missing by not using DineTime. It's changed our whole operation.
Rob Young, General Manager, The Blind Squirrel

With CSK and DineTime together, operators can craft a smarter restaurant. These integrations ensure an intuitive off-premise dining strategy for restaurants of all sizes and segments. 

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