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Commerce Casino Selects BirchStreet Procure-to-Pay Automation Platform

Commerce Casino selected BirchStreet’s Procure-to-Pay Automation Platform to improve efficiency in its operations. Located near downtown Los Angeles, Calif., the privately owned casino has 243 tables featuring almost every form of poker: Texas Hold’em, 7-Card Stud, Omaha, Pot Limit, Razz, Low-Ball and many others. Commerce Casino is also home to the LA Poker Classic (LAPC), one of the largest poker tournaments in the world, as well as the California State Poker Championship, LA Poker Open, Commerce Hold’em Series and the Daily Tournaments.
William Brady, the Purchasing Manager at Commerce Casino, was one of the employees who spearheaded the project. He had previously worked at Hilton Hotels Corporate office in Beverly Hills and was familiar with BirchStreet from his time there.
According to Brady, Commerce Casino had an existing system in place, but it didn’t have all the features and functionality that BirchStreet delivered.
“The functionality of our existing system was limited and didn’t have the automation or efficiency that I knew could be there,” Brady stated. “We didn’t have electronic approvals or punch-outs. I knew from being in the industry that there was a lot of good word of mouth about BirchStreet and it created better efficiency and streamlined processes.”
The project team looked at other competing solutions, but “the competition wasn’t as robust as BirchStreet,” he added.
Commerce Casino selected BirchStreet’s comprehensive product suite to use eProcurement, AP 3-Way Auto-Matching, Inventory Control and Recipe Management in its casino, restaurants and bars.
“The tactical functionality of improving purchasing, accounts payable, inventory and F&B management processes are important, but accurate reporting and strategic business intelligence and decision making will also prove to be beneficial for us,” Brady explained.
One of the perks the casino offers to its patrons is table side dining while they play. The casino has 6 outlets (restaurants and bars) so managing and streamlining its food and beverage spend and quality was an important part of selecting the software. The casino averages about $20 million in F&B spend each year, which is significant in terms of being able to track and manage that level of purchasing, receiving, invoicing and inventory.
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