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Cloud Helps Porter Apple to Avoid Capital Outlay

Already four upgrades behind in its accounting software, and with server speeds so slow that “you could read a novel” between transactions, Porter Apple Company found itself in a dilemma – make a significant investment in hardware and software or continue to try to compensate using human resources and manual processes. That’s when the company found a better alternative in the cloud.
The Sioux Falls, S.D.-based company owns nine Applebee’s restaurants and operates three Carino’s and a Chevys. Continued growth in business and ongoing upgrades in its DacEasy accounting software had put the company in a position where it could no longer move forward in the adoption of new technology without the purchase of a new server, along with the need to find a reliable IT person to install, maintain and manage it – which came with its own set of costs.
The answer in the cloud
Fortunately, one of the company’s existing software providers, Decision Logic, had developed a Managed Private Cloud Solution in response to a similar need among many of its restaurant clients to lower the cost of technology. By moving to the cloud, restaurant groups can take advantage of the efficiencies, enhanced performance, automated back-up and scalability of the virtual environment, in a managed setting that ensured security of their data and applications for a manageable monthly fee. 
Decision Logic is more widely known for its enterprise level Web-based back office solution that delivers in-depth reporting on sales, costs, and menu mix trends for multi-unit and multi concept restaurant operations. However, the Managed Private Cloud can be used to host any business applications clients use –even third-party providers.
The move to the Decision Logic Managed Cloud began with the accounting system, with took just days to implement. Personnel from Decision Logic led Porter Apple through the entire process. This included contacting the software tech from other software providers and walking through the upload together over the phone. In fact, from the first conversation to implementation, the process took less than two weeks.
Saving time and money
Today, Porter Apple Company is experiencing greater efficiency in its operations with dramatically faster speeds that eliminate wait times. The company’s small administrative staff is able to be more efficient now that the software runs more quickly.
Cost savings were also significant. Instead of a huge capital investment, the company pays a monthly fee that covers storage, backup and software. Software is upgraded automatically, without incremental expense. And unlimited scalability allows memory and storage to be added as needed.
Work is underway to migrate the full line of business for the Applebee’s stores to the Decision Logic Managed Private Cloud Solution to take advantage of the IPSec configuration. The move will increase the security of customer credit data and keep Porter Apple PCI compliant. The benefits extend to the store level, where it will help lock-down the computers and prevent viruses.
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