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Classic British Hotels Expect to Boost Occupancy and Revenue through Online Channels with RateTiger

Classic British has chosen RateTiger to help implement rate conformity across reservations systems. The leading British hotel consortium for quality independent hotels has completed the implementation of its new revenue management strategy to ensure rates remain competitive and occupancy is maximized by efficiently managing online travel channels. Classic British, with a portfolio of 3, 4 and 5 star properties across England, Scotland and Wales, installed a tailored version of RTSuite in its properties to help hoteliers meet the group's rate policy.
RTSuite enables revenue managers to shop competitor prices and update rate and room availability across multiple online travel portals and booking sites. Classic British was keen to provide the best value system to its members in order to enable their front office to implement their Rate Management strategy across multiple reservation systems accurately in minutes and help them achieve their targets.
"Our hoteliers are now forging ahead in the online space by implementing our revenue management strategy with RTSuite," says Len Louis, chief executive for Classic British. "To remain competitive we have to ensure our rates are accurate across all web channels and inventory allocation is up-to-date. RTSuite allows our members to make simple price changes through one screen without having to face complex backend procedures of some OTAs. This means our updates are more frequent and our time-saving for front desk is phenomenal."
By using RTSuite, Classic British expect to see both occupancy and revenue increase through online channels.
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