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Claridge Seeks Better Revenue Strategy with IDeaS


The Claridges Hotel New Delhi and IDeaS Revenue Solutions has partnered to better manage revenue strategies and build a sustainable revenue culture across the property.

Of note, the IDeaS RMS' Best Available Rate (BAR) technology will allow The Claridges New Delhi to accurately quote the optimal rate for their hotel rooms to potential guests in the future.

The Claridges New Delhi is the flagship hotel of The Claridges Hotels & Resorts group, set amid the center of the city in close proximity to the business district, shopping and cultural centers and historical landmarks. The hotel seeks to recreate the magic of old-world charm coupled with gracious Indian hospitality across all of its 140 rooms.

Given the highly competitive hotel environment in New Delhi, The Claridges recently sought to improve their yield management strategies to maximize revenue and enhance their overall approach to pricing.

"Revenue yield management was not something practiced with great discipline in the past at The Claridges New Delhi," says Markus Schneider, General Manager, The Claridges.

"We realized that to maximize our bottom line and stay ahead of competing hotels we needed to implement advanced strategies and technology to improve our yield management. Our hotel runs above 95% occupancy for at least 150 days of the year and being able to maximize revenue from guests during periods of peak demand is critical to our ongoing success."

In working with IDeaS, The Claridges New Delhi has turned to IDeaS Hospitality Consulting services, specifically to their Virtual Revenue Management service, to build a revenue culture within their hotel from the ground up.

This involves having an IDeaS Hospitality Consulting revenue management specialist working with the hotel to educate staff on best practice strategies, and deploying advanced pricing technologies like the IDeaS Revenue Management System (RMS).

"Although we have only just started working with IDeaS, we can already see improvements in our approach to revenue management. Being able to make pricing decisions based on facts rather than educated guesses provides reassurance and will benefit our business," says Markus Schneider.

"The key for us is that IDeaS delivers a clear way for The Claridges New Delhi to assess the hotel's performance, accurately forecast occupancy and business demand, and determine the correct pricing for hotel rooms."

IDeaS is committed to working closely with hotel organizations throughout India to support them in reaching their optimal revenue and profit levels by focusing on the development of a strong revenue management culture.

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