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CitizenM Hotels Revolutionizes Guest Personalization

citizenM's core business philosophy is to offer a brand new model of affordable luxury for the modern business traveler that combines a highly personalized and unique experience with sustainability and awareness for a reasonable price.

One of citizenM's key technology requirements was having full recognition for the guest at all current and future hotels through the implementation of a fully automated system with no manual or voice intervention. The ability to operate the entire hotel chain from a central location and have individual properties monitor and fulfill their own tasks was also needed.

An integrated ecosystem solution
After reviewing many leading industry technology vendors, citizenM chose
AltiusPAR, the developer of enterprise software and service solutions to partner with them on the launch of their hotel chain. Developed by hoteliers, AltiusPAR's Guest Experience Ecosystem (GEE), including its Internet Booking Engine, is based on a data-centric guest services framework that allows citizenM to deliver highly personalized and fully automated services to their guests. Based on its modular design, AltiusPAR's solution is also very scalable and flexible and can quickly adapt to an ever-changing business environment.

This Integrated Ecosystem solution allows citizenM guests to easily configure their room on the AltiusPAR booking engine at the time their reservations are made or anytime thereafter. Guests can choose from items such as favorite TV content, music, preferred room temperature, lighting scheme, and other preferences, all of which are automatically adjusted once they check-in at the kiosk and their RFID tag is activated. Any changes made during their stay are automatically stored and the next time the guest checks-in, the room will be configured precisely as indicated in the previous stay.

citizenM also has real-time access to relevant and updated guest information at any touch-point, providing them with an up-to-the minute, 360 degree view of their guests. This real-time information enables citizenM to boost productivity and profitability by having integrated and highly customized applications for services. By creating seamless connectivity between customer preferences and their surrounding environment, citizenM can enhance each encounter with a guest while also maximizing its revenue.

As a result, citizenM has automated and maintained personal service unsurpassed in the industry, all while operating on the low payroll of .2 FTE per room. This far exceeds the industry standard of .5 FTE for the same level of service. citizenM will have a 50%+ GOP in its first year of operations.

Prior to becoming CEO of citizenM Hotel Group, Michael Levie held senior management positions at various international hotel chains, including Sonesta and NH Hotels.
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