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Church's Chicken Streamlines Supply Chain Visibility

Church’s Chicken, a nationwide quick service restaurant chain, has again renewed its ArrowStream OnDemand supply chain visibility and predictability system contract.
The ArrowStream OnDemand solution set builds supply chains by going beyond internal enterprise resource planning to:
  • Optimize restaurant chain and purchasing group business practices with its network of manufacturers, distributors and restaurants.
  • Integrate supply chain management functions throughout senior management, purchasing, finance, customer service, operations, technology and marketing.
  • Power decision-making with up-to-date, complete and accurate data.
  • Maximize restaurant chain and purchasing group internal productivity and efficiency to increase profitability.
The ArrowStream OnDemand solution allows Church’s supply team visibility to all of their purchasing contracts and transactions, which allows them to effectively determine where to focus their cost savings efforts. The system is integrated across Church’s back office system for Order Guide and Invoice Management enabling efficient order receiving at the restaurant level and eliminating the risks of manual intervention in the process. The OnDemand solution also provides Church’s with daily updates to inventory levels and sales at all the domestic distribution centers in a consolidated, normalized interface empowering the supply chain team to make timely, data-driven decisions regarding promotions and limited time offer activities to maximize the return of their marketing spend.
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