Chipotle Caters to College Customers with Tapingo Delivery Partnership

With college students back on campus, Chipotle Mexican Grill is making it easier for them to have their burritos. Through a new partnership with Tapingo, a mobile commerce app that saves college students time by providing food pickup and delivery, Chipotle is available for delivery through Tapingo at 40 college campuses nationwide this fall, and at more than 100 campuses by spring 2016.
“Chipotle has been popular with students going back to our very first restaurant near the University of Denver, and we are always looking for ways to better engage with them,” said Mark Crumpacker, chief creative and development officer at Chipotle. “Tapingo, which has been well received by students where its services are available, knows how to connect with these younger customers. That shared acceptance among younger customers made them a great choice for us to expand delivery aimed specifically at students.”
The partnership with Tapingo expands Chipotle’s existing delivery program. The company also has nationwide delivery partnerships with Postmates, a delivery service that operates in several key Chipotle markets, and with OrderUp, which provides delivery service in several smaller Chipotle markets.
Chipotle delivery is currently available through Tapingo at the following campuses:
• Arizona State University
• California State University Chico
• Louisiana State University
• University of Arizona
• University of Southern California
• Northern Arizona University
Delivery will expand to include the following campuses later this fall.
• California State University - Fullerton
• California State University Northridge
• Carnegie Melon University
• Case Western Reserve University
• Cleveland State University
• College of the Holy Cross
• Columbia University
• Eastern Michigan University
• Emory University
• Georgia Institute of Technology
• Georgia State University
• Johns Hopkins University
• Loyola Marymount University
• Loyola University Maryland
• Michigan State University
• New York University
• North Carolina State University
• Ohio State University
• Pennsylvania State University
• Rutgers University
• San Jose State University
• Santa Clara University
• Towson University
• Trinity College
• University of Arkansas
• University of California Los Angeles
• University of Georgia
• University of Louisville
• University of Maryland
• University of Miami
• University of Michigan
• University of Oklahoma
• University of Oregon Eugene
• University of Pittsburgh
• University of the Pacific
• University of Utah
Tapingo has a rapidly growing user base, the large majority of whom are Millennials and Gen Zs. Chipotle resonates well with a similar audience. A recent survey by investment firm William Blair called Chipotle the “most favored restaurant” by younger consumers. Morgan Stanley notes that Millennials are more likely to dine out on a weekly basis than older consumers and states that “taste, value, and quality” drive their restaurant decision-making. “On those metrics, Chipotle wins,” the firm says.
Since its founding in 2012, Tapingo has leveraged mobile technology to create a more convenient and enjoyable experience for students to purchase a variety of products or services. With the average student transacting daily, using Tapingo has become habitual for college students. Users can order with a tap and then have their order delivered in a timely and efficient manner. Using the Club Tapingo feature, the average user pays $2.99, with no additional service fee. Tapingo also provides timely delivery, with an average of only 25 minutes between order placement and receipt.
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