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Chinese Hotel Group Offers Update on Its Major Data Breach from August


Huazhu Group Limited (“Huazhu” or the “Company”), a leading and fast-growing multi-brand hotel group in China, today provided updates on the investigation status of the alleged information leak.

On August 28, 2018, online reports alleged that Huazhu had become the subject of potential information leak. On the same day, Huazhu made an official announcement to the public and reported the case to the police. To comply with police protocols, Huazhu has not disclosed the status of the investigation in the past several weeks. The Company sincerely appreciates the care and attention of the public during the past several weeks.

According to the latest update from the police, the police have arrested the suspects who posted the reported message on a Dark Web forum in an attempt to sell certain data. The attempted sale was not successful. The suspects also attempted to blackmail Huazhu by leveraging public pressure, without success. Further police investigation is being conducted on the subject matter.

To comply with laws and police protocols, the Company cannot disclose additional information on the case at this time. For details of issues of public concern, including whether the allegations made on the Dark Web forum by the suspects are authentic, and whether there has been an information leak, the Company is required not to make a public announcement until the completion of the police investigation.

Huazhu is committed to ensuring the safety of customer information and continuing to provide its customers with high-quality accommodations. Huazhu once again reminds investors and the public not to believe in rumors or spread unconfirmed information.

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