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The Cheesecake Factory to Launch Revolutionary "4-D" Web Experience

The Cheesecake Factory selects Automatic Partners to launch a revolutionary 4-D website. After months of research and technical trials, Automatic presented something groundbreaking for the company: an Ã.‚¬Ëœexperiential' website that brings the restaurant to life online.

"When we first saw the concept presented by Automatic, you could feel the energy and buzz in the room Ã.‚¬" we knew we were onto something that was truly revolutionary. The experiential website design reflects the true essence of The Cheesecake Factory in a way that we've never seen before on the internet," says Mark Mears, chief marketing officer for The Cheesecake Factory.

The new experiential website for The Cheesecake Factory is powered by cutting edge technology. Automatic worked for well over a year to figure out new video compression techniques, analytic tracking in flash objects, and new user interface and sound design for the website.

"This is the first step in creating a Ã.‚¬Ëœworld class +1' website experience for our guests. We literally rethought every aspect of the guest portal interaction and believe the new site will convey the uplifting feeling and excitement that our guests find in our restaurants. We also have improved the experience by linking our ecommerce business with our guest portal," says Mears.

The new guest portal also features videos of actual staff members greeting guests and giving information and navigation suggestions. Using internal talent has also helped to generate a source of pride among their 30,000 restaurant employees.

The technologies and techniques used to implement the site are only the beginning of the evolution of "Automatic is a talented company who collaboratively partnered with our team to provide technical knowledge and creative innovation. From here we have plans to integrate other new technologies into the site to further enhance guest involvement," says Jim Rasmussen, chief information officer of The Cheesecake Factory. The site is implemented in the IBM WebSphere environment and controls content dynamically through IBM Lotus Web Content Management software. "The new site leverages our robust and scalable infrastructure to develop a rich, engaging user experience that will allow us to innovatively incorporate new technologies to enhance and grow our online business."

Mears explains why they chose Automatic, saying, "Through the digital planning work they did with us, they've proven that they get it Ã.‚¬" they understand the richness, the quality, and the essence of The Cheesecake Factory. Their creative vision, brand background, and their IBM WebSphere technical ability made them the natural choice."
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