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Checkers & Rally's Use AI to Select New Locations

QSR, known for its double drive-thru formats, is using SiteZeus’ Location Intelligence Platform.
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As it looks to grow beyond its 900 locations,  Checkers & Rally's has partnered with SiteZeus to leverage its AI platform.

Known for its unique double drive-thru modular restaurants Checkers & Rally’s is on the path to 1,000 restaurants. The brand has already expanded online and added five third-party delivery platforms. In its search for a location intelligence partner, Checkers & Rally’s sought to optimize sales in current locations, capture new market opportunities, and expand its consumer base. SiteZeus' predictive modeling platform delivered on the expectations of Kris McDonald, Sr. Director of Real Estate & Construction, of allowing her teams to focus on making better market decisions without having to manually collect and scrub datasets.

SiteZeus combines multi-unit brands’ performance data with  datasets to produce
accurate sales forecasts without a consultant in a matter of minutes. By eliminating months of data collection efforts, Checkers & Rally’s can concentrate on growth and optimization.

“We wanted a predictive model that seamlessly incorporates our sales information with third-party data types, such as competitor, traffic count and mobile location,” said McDonald. “With this all-encompassing tool, crucial information is right at our fingertips whenever we need it.”

The Power of Predictive Modeling

Checkers & Rally’s also needed the flexibility to strengthen existing sites while expanding into new markets. By selecting SiteZeus, the brand can now instantly deploy predictive models as new sales data emerges, test the impact of adjusting critical site attributes before implementation and access customer insights through geosocial data with greater speed and predictability.

“With tighter deviations around projection accuracy, access to valuable consumer behavior data, and the ability to adjust site variables before taking action on them, we can make advantageous decisions quickly,” said McDonald. “We believe this will strengthen existing and future franchise relationships.”


SiteZeus offers support by delivering white space analyses within hours and the ability to predict revenue breakdowns for every potential site within seconds.

“SiteZeus gives you a sales projection with refreshing granularity,” said Checkers & Rally’s Real Estate Portfolio Manager Stephanie Grant. “You know exactly how a location will generate revenue and what will drive location performance. This makes our market planning and growth strategy more deliberate, data-driven and effective.”

SiteZeus is a predictive modeling platform that helps multi-unit brands with location-based decisions. The location intelligence platform is powered by A.I. to create fast and accurate predictive models. 

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