Chatmeter Adds Features to its Reputation Management, Brand Intelligence Platform

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Chatmeter, a local search marketing and online reputation management provider, revealed platform enhancements designed to drive real-time CX agility and improve customer loyalty and growth for multi-location enterprises.

73% of consumers say their customer experience is as critical as price when making purchasing decisions

Chatmeter has entered into an enhanced TripAdvisor partnership for monitoring online reviews and listings. Qualified Chatmeter clients now have access to review sub-ratings to see what their customers say about particular aspects of their business. This deep listening capability gives brands important, unfiltered insights, straight from the Voice of the Customer to inform business development strategies that lead to deeper brand loyalty and increased revenue.

74% of restaurant guests say positive consumer reviews and high ratings are moderate or extremely important when selecting one restaurant over anotheraccording to  Hospitality Technology's 2022 Customer Engagement Technology Study

Chatmeter revamped its Social Media Management solution to give customers expanded opportunities to engage with their brand fans by adding support for #hashtags, emojis, and symbols on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, viewing post previews before publishing, and enhancing post scheduling capabilities. Chatmeter also added merge codes to social posting for Instagram, Facebook, and Google so clients can instantly add a business name, phone number, address, or website URL to any social post without manual data entry.

New auto-complete functionality for Google addresses when adding new locations to the Chatmeter platform validates and formats location data correctly, saving time and ensuring accuracy. This functionality is especially beneficial for businesses with international locations with complex and diverse address formats.

"Chatmeter exists to deliver measurable results and rapid ROI for our clients, large and small. As we continue to capture increased market share and drive top-line growth, we will always invest in our platform so clients can capitalize on our platform as a part of their own growth agendas," said Dan Cunningham, Chief Technology Officer of Chatmeter.

Chatmeter combined AI-powered deep listening with real-time CX agility to drive customer loyalty and growth for multi-location enterprises. With a 93% customer retention rate, Chatmeter is the brand reputation partner of choice across the retail, restaurant, healthcare, and financial services industries. 

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