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CES 2021 NEWS: HydraLoop Debuts Two New Water Recycling Systems

During CES 2021, Hydraloop Systems launched two new products designed to "use water twice:" Hydraloop H600 and the Hydraloop Cascade. These products build upon the company's award-winning Hydraloop H300 - which won four CES 2020 awards including Engadget's "Best of the Best" - and allow businesses, such as hotels and restaurants, to take advantage of this sustainability technology. 

Hydraloop collects the water from showers, baths and washing machines, and in a cascade set-up also the water from hand basins and air conditioning units. After treatment, the cleaned and disinfected water can be reused for toilet flushing, washing machine, garden, swimming pool and cleaning purposes.

With its 260 gallons treatment capacity per day, the Hydraloop H600 is created for larger families and small businesses. The Hydraloop Cascade is modular and provides scalable solutions for larger operations like commercial real estate, hotels, sports clubs and more. Hydraloop contributes towards four UNSDGs and towards LEED and BREEAM sustainability certification.

“Our vision of the future? Use water twice”, said CEO and Founder Arthur Valkieser. “We empower people and organizations – bottom up – with smart and affordable water recycling systems. And seriously contribute to one of the greatest challenges of mankind: drastically reducing the use of water.”

Last CES was an incredible accelerator for Hydraloop. This resulted in the scale up of the organization to respond faster to worldwide market demand. Hydraloop expanded its team 5-fold and its international partner network in over 3 continents. The company became fully funded with a financial injection from Dutch manufacturing industrialist Niverplast and the Rabobank. Valkieser received royal recognition from Dutch King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima and as of mid-October, Hydraloop features on Netflix in the acclaimed water documentary Brave Blue World.

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