Century-old Glen Cove Mansion Hotel Launches Mobile Website

The award-winning 101-year-old Glen Cove Mansion Hotel and Conference Center has launched a new mobile website.
“Mobile bookings are growing rapidly within the hospitality industry as a result of our increasingly mobile society and growing sophistication of Internet-enabled cell phones,” says Ata Kashanian, vice president and managing director. “We wanted to be out in front of this, and are very pleased with our mobile website. This is the future, even for a century-old historic hotel.”
Glen Cove Mansion Hotel and Conference Center’s new mobile site features:
  • Vast connectivity: two in five adults (40%) currently have access to the Internet through a mobile device, and GPS-enabled cell phones are now providing consumers with location-based, geographically targeted choices
  • Decreased loading time by reducing the number of kilobytes in each downloaded page
  • Enabled services to take advantage of mobile device capabilities, such as clicking on a phone number to call
  • The ability to add website to address book/favorites with customized icon
  • Simplified navigation featuring main calls to action
  • Enabled content to share with live website, so when an update is made via site editing, or rate adjustments occur, the mobile website is automatically updated
  • Strong calls to action, rapid response and added convenience for customers
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