Centralized Reporting Helps Diner Analyze Data Quickly and Accurately

For nearly 20 years, Black Bear Diner has been serving home-cooked meals that reflect the owners small town roots. For almost as long, the establishment, which now has more than 50 locations, relied on a product for standard reports. With a simple single platform per location, the store-level reports did not connect to a centralized location, causing managers to spend significant time and money trying to manage communications. Managers from each location spent tedious hours e-mailing out schedules, updates and recipe changes. Inevitably, when they faxed schedules, the fax machine would break and management became increasingly frustrated with their outdated technology.

The three-tiered management team, consisting of corporate staff, owners and managers, was looking to move away from the static sales reports. Each tier has a profound impact on operational decisions from menu items, labor and scheduling. Each of these decisions relies on ease of communication in a central location.

Looking for a centralized place to integrate and analyze data accurately and quickly across all corporate-owned locations and franchises, Black Bear’s management team began a search for the most innovative, intuitive and reliable cloud-based platform that also focused on customer service. Software yields time and cost savingsAfter a thorough review of their business intelligence options, Black Bear Diner was drawn to Ctuit Software for a more dynamic and common platform for all stores and management levels. Ctuit’s analytical software offers a single point of data analysis and communication tool with more flexibility for all corporate management, franchisee operators and store level managers.

With Ctuit’s flexible and multiple reporting options for all users including dashboards, exports, charts, multiple reports and Key Info sections – combined with a very intuitive interface, Black Bear is able to configure their reports for a fast and effective analysis. This cost-effective solution also gave the 50+ restaurant chain the level of attention and customer service that they expected.

One of the critical advantages that Ctuit offered was the Manager Log replacing their antiquated manager’s manual log book. This centralized online communication tool allows each location to enter shift narratives, special events, tasks, employee notes and weather reports from various shifts. The ability to archive various reports based on the Manager Log entries has proved to be an incredibly valuable tool for the management team, giving them cross-location consistency. Broadcasting company wide events and news has provided a very effective platform to communicate with everyone. Accessing the Manager Log online and having all of the information available in one place has made Ctuit the primary communication tool and message platform for all Black Bear Diner locations.

“Costing out daily and weekly schedules went from painful worksheets emailed out on Excel documents to now having everything we need to run a profitable business in a centralized location with easy web based access,” states Bob Simpson, Director of Training of Black Bear Diner.

He continues, “The Manager Log and comprehensive reporting provided by Ctuit allows us to identify any potential problems before they arise, saving us immeasurable time and money.”
Simpson adds, “Ctuit allows management to get out of manual activity and back onto the floor where we need to be. Ctuit takes care of all the data collection and analysis - allowing us to attend to more meaningful revenue generating matters and adjust where costs savings are needed.”

In viewing other operational areas within Black Bear Diner’s organization, management could see the added advantage that Ctuit offers with some additional modules that they were looking to improve. Simpson goes on to say, “Food management was another area that we needed to drastically turn around and review. Ctuit offers comprehensive financial capabilities coupled with vendor management and an Accounts Payable module that has been a tremendous asset to us in a few of our corporate locations. Advancing further, we plan to roll out the Inventory and Recipe Management modules also to our franchisee units.”

Increased visibility streamlines scheduling
Utilizing Ctuit on a daily and often even hourly basis has provided clarity into operations, giving managers and the management team a centralized place for data and updates without waiting for an email.

The cloud-based software has also decreased the amount of time managers spend scheduling shifts and sending schedules to the home office, allowing them to quickly and accurately share information. The ability to see and manage schedules with the Advanced Labor Scheduling module from any level of the organization has increased the visibility so that everyone in the organization is on the same page. Ctuit’s Manager Log has provided faster communication, better accountability and the ability to search archives, all accessible in the cloud at any time.

The Human Resources department relies on Ctuit to adhere to the Affordable Care Act. With Ctuit’s Special Pay compliance module, Black Bear Diner can pull weekly hours and schedules and identify full-time equivalents to determine who is eligible for health benefits.
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